Hi, I’m Ian Henry Simmonds, Photographer and Creative based in San Francisco.


I am a Landscape Photographer and Creative based in California, obsessed with fog chasing, the night sky and America’s National Parks. Originally from England, my partner (Miriam) and I relocated to California almost four years ago and I instantly fell in love with the landscapes of the Western United States. I had always been an enthusiastic, snap-happy travel photographer, but California and the community of photographers I discovered whilst living here helped shape the development of what you see on these pages.


‘Miracles occur, if you dare to call those spasmodic tricks of radiance miracles’

- Sylvia Plath


For me each photograph here not only captures a moment in time, but is so often the culmination of multitude actions and chance occurrences. A conversation with a Motel owner that lead to an unexpected overnight drive through back country; a butterfly migration flooding the air on route to a remote canyon, the crackling of salt crystals on a desert floor bed at three am as you wait for the Milky Way to align; I could go on, but you get the picture.